Air quality in a dental office

The air quality in dental practices is particularly worrying, both for practitioners and their patients.

The problem

Due to the nature of the work performed in a dental office , there is an increased risk of transmission of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Indeed, it is impossible for the patient to wear a mask during the intervention. He must also keep his mouth open , which releases many micro-droplets which are the number one factor in the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

We also detect other types of pollutants that are specific to the profession, such as mercury vapours , porcelain and ceramic particles, chemical disinfectants

According to the level of air renewal within the dental office , there is a high risk that viruses and airborne microbes can remain in suspension for a certain number of hours, endangering patients and staff.
The chemical pollutants can cause breathing problems and lungs as well as allergic reactions.

The solutions

There are two solutions available to you, better ventilation or mechanical air purification through air purifiers !

In the case of better ventilation (with of course a supply of clean outside air), it is nevertheless strongly advised to use an air purifier in addition.

The advantage of Ultrasteril purifiers is that they use powerful technologies (mainly UVC rays) which can be used in the presence of people in the room (IP20 standard) while disinfecting the air at 99% of chemical pollutants (VOC, solvents, chemicals…) and biological pollutants (Bacteria, viruses (including Sars-cov2), molds…).

Our purification technologies

We offer several solutions to purify the air in a dental office :

  1. Sterilization of the air thanks to UVC radiation
  2. Air filtration thanks to high performance filters (HEPA filter and carbon filter)

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages , but for dental practices UVC sterilization is very suitable ! The big advantage of UVC purifiers is that, unlike filters, they completely destroy viruses and bacteria.

The operation is simple, we enclose very powerful UVC lamps inside a catalyst or a reflector (to further increase the power of radiation) and we force all the air in the room to pass through this catalyst several times per hour .

The air in your practice is therefore renewed several times per hour . The germicidal action is carried out in a few seconds thanks to the power of the rays , and this, without any chemical product.

Combine UVC sterilization and Hepa filtration

Due to the chemical pollution also present in dental offices , we have certain products that combine Hepa filtration, a carbon filter and UVC sterilization.

Its three technologies make it possible to treat all pollutants in a single passage of the air.

The price of its models is not necessarily higher, however the cost of use is, a little more due to the change of the filter (while UVC bulbs have an average lifespan of 9000 hours ).

Why choose our company

Ultrasteril is a company specialized in air treatment since 2013.
We are a Swiss company based in Nyon (Headquarters).

As air quality specialists , our mission is to help our employees become aware of the importance of indoor air quality , and above all to help them improve it.

We are certain of the quality of our products , it is for this reason that they are guaranteed for two years and that you have a withdrawal period if the product does not suit you.

The products most appreciated by dentists

Treatment room

This purifier is perfectly suited for treatment rooms. Powerful, mobile and programmable, it is the ideal ally for dentists

Waiting room

This purifier is perfectly suited for waiting rooms. An automatic mode allows it to manage its purification power according to the air quality.

Large treatment room

This purifier is perfectly suited to treatment rooms larger than 30m². It features great UVC power at a very high airflow!

Ultrasteril advises you

Almost all of our products are adapted to the requirements of dental practices.

However, there are several factors that we must take into account.
The easiest way is to organize a telephone or physical appointment .
Our specialists will be happy to come and give you a demonstration directly in your dental office.

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