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Professional and private air purifier

Why use an air purifier?

We spend 90% of our time indoors.

Indoor air is eight times more polluted than outdoor air

An adult consumes an average of 12,000 liters of air per day.

About 70% of contamination is through aerosols

of the world's population has respiratory allergies
0 %
of indoor locations have at least one source of pollution
0 %
deaths in Europe each year due to air pollution
of Europeans breathe polluted air
0 %

What is an air purifier used for?

An air purifier treats the air present in a room with the aim of filtering and destroying the various sources of pollutants. Indoor air quality is therefore greatly improved.

What pollutants are treated by our air purifiers?

Elimination of biological pollutants

Elimination of chemical pollutants

Our different air purification methods

As specialists, we offer different purification methods. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.
The fact of offering our customers several purification methods allows us to respond to all requests with regard to the purification of indoor air.

HEPA filtration

A HEPA filter is a high efficiency filter ( High Efficiency particulate Air ).

A HEPA filter is capable of filtering at least 99.97% of particles with a diameter greater than 0.3µm.

Activated carbon filtration

It is a carbon material that has been treated to increase its absorbent properties .

Its very porous structure gives it a high property of fixing and retaining pollution particles and gases .

UVC lamps

UVC rays destroy nucleic acids by breaking down the DNA and RNA of microorganisms.

This action has the effect of rendering these micro-organisms incapable of reproducing and of infecting a host.


Disinfection by oz one is particularly effective in decontaminating objects and surfaces.

Ozone is a substance made up of three oxygen atoms (O3).
Due to its instability, the third molecule of oxygen attaches itself to all pollutants .


Ionization consists of diffuse negative ions directly into the ambient air.
Due to their polarity, negative ions are highly reactive and attach themselves to pollution particles.
So they go either disintegrate them , or weigh them down and knock them to the ground.


Photocatalysis is an advanced oxidation technology , which relies on the activation of a semiconductor (titanium dioxide) by light (UVC).

This helps to destroy chemical pollutants and biological pollutants .

Our air purification solutions

Our knowledge in the field of indoor air quality allows us to offer air purifiers for professionals , but also air purifiers for individuals.

purificateur d'air pour maison)

Air purifiers for home and apartment

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Ultimair-20 Air Purifier

From 0 to 20 m²

It is the ideal air purifier for bedrooms, offices .

Its small size and modern design allows it to fit into the decor very discreetly.
It is a very quiet purifier!

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Ultimair-60 Air Purifier

From 0 to 60 m²

Designer air purifier for your home or apartment!
Powerful, silent and efficient , it is fully controllable with its touch screen or via its mobile application!

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Ultimair-100 Air Purifier

From 0 to 100 m²

This air purifier is the big brother of the Ultimair-60.
More massive and more powerful , it is just as elegant!
It is ideal for large homes and lofts!
It treats all types of pollutants and is very effective in destroying odors !

Air purifiers for professionals

Our range of air purifiers with UVC lamps

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Steriplus-150 Air Purifier

From 0 to 100 m²

This air purifier uses two UV-C lamps and a patented flow channel.
The efficiency obtained is several times higher compared to the devices available on the market, and the UV-C radiation dose of 300J / m2 is sufficient to eliminate most bacteria and viruses , including SARS CoV-2.

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Ultimair-100 Air Purifier

From 0 to 60 m²

This air purifier is the little brother of the Steriplus-150.
It uses the same patented purification system which makes it equally effective on all biological pollutants (including SARS CoV-2)!

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Steri-110 Air Purifier

From 0 to 35 m²

Thanks to the very high radiation power of its two UVC lamps , this small mobile air purifier is ideal for all treatment rooms under 35 m².

It is the perfect ally for dentists and doctors who wish to fight against the transmission of viruses and bacteria!

UVC air purifiers

Air sterilization by UV-C has many advantages.

UVC rays are very powerful and can very quickly destroy most biological pollutants (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.).

This technology approved and used by the most sensitive sectors (medical and agri-food) is also very economical and ecological!

Unlike our competitors , these air purifiers do not store pollutants, but destroy them!

Air purifiers for professionals with HEPA and UVC filter

Our range of Ultimair purifiers , which combines 5 air purification technologies, is perfectly suited to professionals.

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Purifiers with HEPA filter

Air purification with HEPA filters has many advantages.

HEPA filters are very effective on a wide range of pollutants and offer the possibility of treating large volumes of air.

HEPA filters have been approved for many years in sensitive sectors.

Example of companies that have trusted us:

Hirslanden Clinique La Colline is an establishment where hygiene standards must be irreproachable , this involves the quality of the indoor air.

The Adennes brasserie receives at least 100 customers each evening, so the risk of virus transmission is very high.

The Signy Dental Center is a dental center.
Due to the nature of the work performed in a dental office , there is an increased risk of transmission of airborne viruses and bacteria.

The electronic cigarette store chain has equipped its stores to reduce the fine particles created by the vapor of electronic cigarettes, as well as to limit the risk of virus transmission.

The residence les tilleuls has chosen to take care of its staff and its occupants.

Because of their activities, nursing homes are places where the transmission of viruses can be very dangerous for residents.

The stables of 1000 have chosen to actively protect their customers from the equestrian center.

Hirslanden Clinique Des Grangettes is an establishment where hygiene standards must be irreproachable , this involves the quality of indoor air.

The EMS Résidence de la Champagne is a living space that allows people who are no longer able to live alone. The Residence offers secure accommodation through the use of a multitude of air purifiers.

EMS Les Franchises has chosen to protect its residents by equipping itself with Ultrasteril air purifiers.

For 25 years, Prosertel has been the Geneva specialist in business services. They have chosen to take care of their staff and their customers by equipping their open space and all their offices.

This office, made up of six examination rooms , a treatment room and a laboratory , has chosen to take care of indoor air quality by installing Ultrasteril air purifiers.

This office, made up of seven examination rooms, three treatment rooms , a sampling room and a laboratory , has chosen to take care of indoor air quality by installing Ultrasteril air purifiers.

Art santé

Inaugurated in 2012, Cité Générations is the first health center in Switzerland.

The Clinique Médico-Chirurgicale Nyon is a first-class medical establishment in the safe and appropriate care of each patient.

residence fort barreau

A stone’s throw from the Cornavin train station, the Résidence Fort-Barreau is open to all elderly people wishing to find a medicalised, secure and lively space while maintaining their autonomy.

A little insight into what our customers think:

I installed this purifier in my house, I no longer have any smell!

In automatic mode, the purifier switches on automatically when I clean (spray with bleach) and when I cook.

Sophie M.

stay-at-home mom

Purificateur d'air

It removes all odors in the cafeteria!

In addition, our residents are reassured because it reduces the risk of disease transmission when there are external visitors.

I recommend!

david d

EMS Director

We can finally use the power of UVC without its constraints!

My patients and my staff are reassured!

Stephanie B

Director of dental office

My son has respiratory allergies, since we have been using this purifier, his breathing difficulties have greatly diminished!

Frederic B

Medical Secretary

"I installed five air purifiers in my Brasserie in April, given customer feedback, I made the choice to take one for my mother who lives in an old house!"

Sebastian B

Manager of a brewery

"Thanks to ultrasteril I actively protect my customers, their children and my employees in the most at-risk areas of my equestrian center. I thus limit the spread of the virus and avoid a lot of worries for my business"

Emily D.

Manager of an equestrian center

Why trust us?

Ultrasteril is a company specialized in air treatment since 2013.
We are a Swiss company based in Nyon.

As air quality specialists , our mission is to help our employees become aware of the importance of indoor air quality , and above all to help them improve it.

We are certain of the quality of our products , it is for this reason that they are guaranteed for two years and that you have a withdrawal period if the product does not suit you.

Our after-sales service, based in Nyon, is very responsive . In the event of a technical problem, we have all the necessary spare parts and our technicians come at our expense to change the defective part for you!

Payment in installments

To keep your business cash flow, you can spread out the payment.

Medical grade

Our purifiers are used in hospitals because of their efficiency

Free delivery

We offer delivery throughout Switzerland

2 years warranty

We are certain about the quality of our products!

14 days of withdrawal

You have received the product and it does not suit you. You have 14 days to return it to us.

The answers to your questions:

It is, in fact, very difficult to prove the effectiveness of an air purifier . As the market is still immature, there are no standards that guarantee the effectiveness of air treatment. On the other hand, the techniques used have standards and efficiency reports on which we can rely.

For example, HEPA filters have been around for many years and meet European standards that prove their filtration efficiency. Similarly with UVC lamps, manufacturers have validated efficacy reports on the disinfection effectiveness of UVC radiation .

The other way is to carry out tests in a private laboratory which simulate the real conditions of use. Our air purifiers have several different laboratory tests that prove their effectiveness in purifying indoor air.

Some of our air purifiers are equipped with air quality sensors that tell you the indoor air quality in real time.

Whether you are a professional or an individual , an air purifier will be very beneficial for your health and that of those around you.

For individuals,
Respiratory allergies affect more and more people because of our way of life. The air in our homes is 8 times more polluted than the air outside (due to all the chemical pollutants present in the furniture, the building and all the household products) and we spend 80% of our time indoors . Even if for the moment, you do not suffer from respiratory allergy , it is better to be safe than sorry!

For professionals,
In our workplace, we encounter the same air pollution problems as in our homes , but to this is added the risk of virus transmission! The transmission of viruses or bacteria is the leading cause of sick leave for employees. Indeed, the risk of transmission between patients/customers and staff is very high !
Take care of yourself, your family and your customers, everyone will thank you!

It depends on the purifiers, and especially on the volume of air treated per hour.

This remains minimal, moreover our air purifiers intended for houses, apartments and offices have several adjustment speeds which allow you to adjust the power and therefore reduce noise . They are even equipped with a night mode which allows you to be very quiet with all the lights off!

There is no rule, it depends on your needs in terms of air treatment.

If you want to reduce chemical pollutants in a house, you can leave it running in automatic mode during the day (it will adapt the speed according to the pollutants present in the room.) and switch to night mode for the evening.

If you want to reduce the transmission of viruses , it is useless to leave it on all night, in empty rooms.
For a professional who wishes to reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria, we recommend turning on the purifier one hour before the arrival of the first customers/patients and turning it off one hour after the departure of the last customer/patient . Air purifiers are an effective complement to barrier gestures , however natural ventilation is of course recommended several times a day.

The cost of maintenance varies greatly depending on the technology used and the use made of the air purifier.

Air purifiers equipped with filters ( HEPA , activated carbon, etc.) have slightly higher maintenance costs than UVC . By its nature, a filter retains pollutants , and therefore begins to clog over time. It is difficult to give a filter change frequency, as it can vary greatly depending on where the purifier is installed. But on average a filter lasts between 6 months and 1 year.

Our UVC air purifiers have very low maintenance costs. Lamp life averages 9,000 hours!

All our air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters have a control screen with a filter change indicator.

As for the air sterilizers with UVC rays , they have an hour counter that lets you know when the UVC bulbs need to be replaced (based on the time of use) .

For models of air purifiers intended for individuals , changing the filter is very simple . It happens in a few minutes. However, it is necessary to take precautions. It is advisable to change the filter outside with a mask and gloves.

For models of UVC purifiers for professionals , it is preferable for our company to change the UVC bulb to avoid any risk of contact with UVC rays. If your technical staff wishes to carry out the manipulation, it is advisable to contact us beforehand for a quick training.

UVC rays are very powerful and must not come into contact with the skin or eyes.
However, UV-C lamps have been in use for many decades and only a small number of incidents caused by accidental exposure or misuse occur.
All our air purifiers equipped with UVC lamps meet all the standards (IP 20) which certify that no UVC rays come out of the device.
This therefore poses no danger to the people present in the room.
In case of fall of the device, it is preferable to contact us so that we carry out a control of the purifier.

You have questions:

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