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How strongly reduce respiratory allergies?

Respiratory allergies can be a real handicap for people who suffer from them. Effective solutions exist to protect yourself…

What is a respiratory allergy?

A respiratory allergy is an immune reaction of our body.
The allergic reaction occurs when our system overreacts against allergenic substances.

How are respiratory allergies triggered?

Respiratory allergies are triggered in the presence of aero-allergenic substances, such as pollen, dust, mold or animal hair. As soon as these substances come into contact with the nasal mucosa, the allergic person’s immune system goes into overdrive.

The different types of allergens:

Several types of allergens can be responsible for the appearance and development of a respiratory allergy

Allergens present in the outdoor air


Allergens present in indoor air

•Acarians •Animal hair •The molds

Aggravating factors:

The fumes

Chemical products


The lack of ventilation

The stress

What to do to limit contact with allergenic substances?

Our know-how at the service of allergy sufferers

Thanks to our experience and know-how, we have a range of products that treats all types of pollutants.
By combining several effective purification techniques, we have very effective products to reduce respiratory allergies.

All pollutants are retained in the filters or destroyed by UVC rays

Chemical pollutants

Biological pollutants


Our purifiers to reduce allergies allergies

For the bedroom

  • Ultimair-20 Air Purifier - Ultrasteril
    Ultimair-20 Air Purifier - Ultrasteril
    Ultimair 20- ultrasteril air purifier
    Ultimair 20- ultrasteril air purifier
    Ultimair 20- ultrasteril air purifier

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An overview of the opinion of our customers:

My son has respiratory allergies, since we have been using this purifier, his breathing difficulties have greatly decreased!

Frederic B

Medical Secretary

I installed this purifier in my house, I no longer have any smell!

In automatic mode, the purifier switches on automatically when I clean (spray with bleach) and when I cook.

Sophie M.

stay-at-home mom

Example of companies that have trusted us:

Hirslanden Clinique La Colline is an establishment where hygiene standards must be irreproachable , this involves the quality of the indoor air.

The electronic cigarette store chain has equipped its stores to reduce the fine particles created by the vapor of electronic cigarettes, as well as to limit the risk of virus transmission.

Hirslanden Clinique Des Grangettes is an establishment where hygiene standards must be irreproachable , this involves the quality of indoor air.

The EMS Résidence de la Champagne is a living space that allows people who are no longer able to live alone. The Residence offers secure accommodation through the use of a multitude of air purifiers.

The residence les tilleuls has chosen to take care of its staff and its occupants.

Because of their activities, nursing homes are places where the transmission of viruses can be very dangerous for residents.

Why choose our company

Ultrasteril is a company specialized in air treatment since 2013.
We are a Swiss company based in Nyon (Headquarters).

As air quality specialists , our mission is to help our employees become aware of the importance of indoor air quality , and above all to help them improve it.

We are certain of the quality of our products , it is for this reason that they are guaranteed for two years and that you have a withdrawal period if the product does not suit you.

Reactive after-sales service

Our after-sales service located in Geneva answers all your questions

Medical grade

Our purifiers are used in hospitals because of their efficiency

Free delivery

We offer free delivery throughout Switzerland

2 years warranty

We are sure about the quality of our product!

14 days of withdrawal

You have received the product and it does not suit you. You have 14 days to return it to us.